December 17th 2013

UK Aid Match

November 28th 2013

Adopt a School

July 1st 2013

Big Read Hat-Trick

April 28th 2013

Sponsor an Orphan

You can help bring hope and opportunity to orphans and needy children who have lost faith in the prospect of escaping the trap that deprivation has caught them in.  For £30 per month (or £360 per year), you will be sponsoring an orph... READ more

Educate a Child

For £10 per month (or £120 per year), you will be supporting a needy child in their education. Poverty and deprivation is a major factor that stops children from attending school. For some, they are required by their families to help earn... READ more

Renovate a School

The role of the physical environment can be so important in school settings that it is sometimes referred to as the third teacher (after parents and teachers). Research has shown that not only do children learn better in the correct settings but teac... READ more

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